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on November 27

BFU President Borislav Mihaylov resigned. This was announced after today's meeting of the Executive Committee of the Football Union.

His decision was expected after the excesses around the Euro qualification between Bulgaria and Hungary in Sofia.

Borislav Mihaylov resigned


"We looked at a similar scenario 4 years ago. Then, when Boyko Borisov fell from power, he said he was coming back and legal battles began."

This is what journalist Sasho Dikov said in the show "Face to Face" on BTV on the occasion of the resignation of the President of the Bulgarian Football Union Borislav Mihaylov.

"This guy just shouldn't be buzzed at a single word. It is no coincidence that he said that he resigned and the Congress of the BFU to decide whether to accept it. And the statute is such that CSKA, Levski and Gorno Nanadownen have one vote each, their votes weigh equally, "said Dikov.

Sasho Dikov on the resignation of Borislav Mihaylov: Not a single word should be trusted


The schools introduced online are on the territory of Dobrich region - in the municipalities of Balchik, Tervel and Krushari. In another 13 educational institutions in the district, a non-school day was announced.

55 schools to be closed on Tuesday due to bad weather


"The monument to the Soviet Army will be dismantled. We are working in this direction and I hope that this will happen soon," he added.

"In Sofia, preparations for dealing with the winter situation began even before it snowed. I can certainly say that I have never seen such involvement of everyone in Sofia Municipality in dealing with the difficult situation before. Regarding the many signals of fallen branches and trees, this is due to wet and heavy snow."

Traycho Traykov: The monument to the Soviet Army will be dismantled


"The president spoke out about the State Budget Act with fake news.

The law contains 109 articles and 16 transitional final provisions. All of them are published on the website of the National Assembly and submitted for discussion.

There is no member with which to sell public lands. In the 2024 budget, there are no such revenues. I am personally surprised that the president succumbs to fake news."

"The other thing the president has said is that he can veto the State Budget Act. That would be quite bad because it means the country entering 2024 without a state budget law, but unfortunately, I am not surprised by this behavior of the president, as his caretaker cabinet refused to propose a budget and we had to do it."

Assen Vassilev: The President speaks on the State Budget Act with fake news


"The president can't claim something that turned out to be fake news."

"Once it has been understood that no one will sell the State Land Fund, the president no longer has a reason to veto the state budget." This was stated on the air of Nova News Assoc. Ognyan Boyukliev from the Economic Research Institute at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Ass. Boyukliev: After what Assen Vassilev said, the president no longer has grounds to veto the state budget


The Ministry of Interior told BNT that when an emergency team arrived at the scene, they found the death of one of them. It remains to be seen when and from what he died.

A group of 10 migrants found near the NSA in Sofia, one is dead


A groom shot four people at his own wedding, including the bride, before pointing the gun at himself in Thailand, Sky News reported.

Former soldier and paraathlete Chaturong Suksuk killed his wife, Kanchana Pachunthüek, hours after they got married.

The 29-year-old suddenly left the wedding party late on Saturday and then appeared with a gun. He shoots the bride's mother and younger sister, along with a guest at the wedding.

Another person was seriously injured. After the shooting, 11 bullets were found at the wedding venue.

Groom Shoots Bride at Her Wedding


The vice president of Russia's largest state-owned bank, Sberbank, Nikolai Vasev, died suddenly. This was reported by the bank in a press release, according to which the 42-year-old banker died today of a heart attack, DPA reported.

The vice president of Russia's Sberbank died suddenly.


Ukraine has so far managed to reclaim half of the land seized by Russia and this is a major victory, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said at a press conference ahead of a two-day meeting of NATO foreign ministers at the alliance's headquarters in Brussels.

NATO: Ukraine Managed to Regain Half of Russia's Land


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