Young singer Andrey Kravchenko, known for his duets with Pavel Zibrov and Slava Kaminskaya, told how he caught a snowfall during a trip to Odessa with a concert.

Today, November 27, the weather in Ukraine has deteriorated sharply. In particular, due to snowfall and ice, many people got into road trouble. So, the young artist stood in snowdrifts on the highway to Odessa all night. The star had several solo concerts planned. However, he and his team could not get to the city on time due to bad weather.

Andriy Kravchenko / Photo: Andriy Kravchenko's Instagram

According to the artist, he had to spend the night in the car. In addition, water and food supplies were gradually decreasing. Fuel levels were also low. However, the team with Andriy immediately decided that they would not return home to Kyiv. So, they were all waiting for help.

"We calculated how much fuel was left, how many hours it would last. We counted how much bacon and bread we had left, because it was important. There was no water at all. It took us 24 hours to get there, but we did it. I said that we would not return home, because people are waiting for me," the singer said on his Instagram.

At the moment, everything is fine with Kravchenko and his team. They have already reached Odesa and thanked the utilities for rescuing them.

"Our utility workers are working. There were police and various services that supported, there was always communication. So, everything is fine," Andriy said.