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The Pazardzhik Administrative Court declared invalid the election of the mayor of Panagyurishte municipality, BNT reported.

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According to the magistrates, significant violations of the electoral process were found in the run-off. The norms of the Electoral Code introduce requirements, compliance with which ensures that the elections were held without violations. In this case, these requirements are violated.

In the event of the established violations of the electoral process, the decision of the Municipal Election Commission – Panagyurishte and the election for mayor of Panagyurishte Municipality, held in the second round, should be annulled to be declared invalid.

The results of the vote were appealed by the outgoing mayor of Panagyurishte Nikola Belishki (pictured), who lost in the second round with 28 votes to Zhelyazko Gagov.

Panagyurishte has a new mayor

The subject of the complaint was violations in 15 sections. The ballots from 14 commissions were counted by experts in Panagyurishte, and from the 25th District Election Commission in Popintsi the ballots were counted in the courtroom.

With the same decision, the Administrative Court ordered the Municipal Election Commission – Panagyurishte to pay to Nikola Belishki the sum of BGN 990, representing the court and registry expenses for expert fees incurred in the proceedings.

The decision is subject to appeal by cassation appeal before the Supreme Administrative Court within 7 days of its notification to the parties.

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