DAR ES SALAAM: Artists in the country have been asked to respect themselves to protect and preserve their dignity and names for their current and future generations in society.

This was said by the Director of Bejez Company, known as the Rock of the Sea, Shabani Light, while introducing the country's film artists as ambassadors of the company.

"When I was thinking of the artists giving the embassy I thought the artist should be respectful and wise in society not to weather the weather at any time."

He said the artists who were lucky enough to be ambassadors for the stunt were Rihama Ally Mwogomchungu, Niva Kulwa Kikumba, 'Dude' and Tine White and the criterion that carried them was the respect they had in the community.

"There are artists who have names so much that if they are an ambassador for something it will be known quickly but they don't respect themselves and they don't have good values in society."

"No matter how much money you have if you don't have morals people don't have anything to learn from you you don't teach people in society." He said that he had

He also added that "they will be good ambassadors who will advertise the Sea Rock who bring you a load at the price you want."