In the United States, brothers donated organs to their father.

People writes about it.

When John Montgomery needed a kidney and liver transplant, his sons offered to become his donors. The 55-year-old was on the waiting list for a transplant when his two sons found out they could become living donors. Together they saved their dad's life.

The family learned that Montgomery's liver and kidney had failed two years ago when he lost 35 kg without even trying. The man was added to the list of deceased donors for transplantation, as his health continued to deteriorate.

While he was in the hospital, his family learned about the possibility of a transplant from a living donor. His son, Jonathan, immediately volunteered to donate part of his liver, and another son, Christopher, volunteered to donate a kidney to his father.

Both brothers emphasize that their father did not ask for anything — it was their desire to become a donor.

"There was no doubt," said Christopher, a 24-year-old dental student at the University of Pittsburgh. "I want him to be around for as long as possible... I want him to know my children. I can't imagine life without him."

"My father is one of my best friends," added Jonathan, 25, who is pursuing a doctorate in biochemistry at Ohio State. "I'll do my best to make sure he's okay because I know he'd do the same for us."

On August 1, a double transplant was performed at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. After the operation, Montgomery didn't even have the words to thank his sons. "All I could do was just hug them," he said. "My two boys, they sacrificed a lot to do it for me."

His sons hope that their example will inspire others to become living donors.

"Did you spend a few weeks of your life to change someone's life? It's worth it every time," says Jonathan. "Before we found out we could make a donation, things were very bleak. We were scared, we didn't know what was going to happen. After the surgery, when I look at my father and see the smile on his face, she is so genuine. He's so happy now. He's back."

Recall that the grandmother woke up horrified after the operation with new breasts and buttocks, which she did not ask for. She only wanted to remove the sagging skin.