Ukrainian singer Olya Polyakova shared with fans that she had a severe headache at an African resort.

According to the singer, she could hardly move her head and barely opened her eyes. On her Instagram, she compared the pain to a migraine. However, the artist noted that she had never suffered from such a disease.

"I have a headache so much that I can't even open my eyes. I don't know what's going on. Some kind of pain like migraines, but I never have them," the star explained.

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Fortunately, Polyakova always has a small first-aid kit with essential medicines. So she immediately injected herself with painkillers. For a long time, fans of the celebrity were concerned about her condition.

Shortly after the injections, the star got in touch from the beach. With a very exhausted look, Olya reported that the pain did not go away. However, after an hour, the artist felt better. She said she had to take an extra dose of medication to recover.

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After everything passed, Polyakova assumed why this happened. She believes that pressure or weather contributed to this.

"I felt better. Thank God, there was a cure. Whenever I go abroad, I take ampoules with me that need to be injected. And it saves me. I don't know what it was. Maybe it's the pressure, or maybe it's the weather. I don't know, but I let go and this happiness," the celebrity added.

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Recall that Olya Polyakova flew on vacation to Zanzibar with her eldest daughter Masha. The singer has already shared her first impressions and charmed with their photos from the coast of the Indian Ocean.