At least 240 people were taken hostage by Hamas fighters after rocket attacks on Israel.

Tel Aviv/Gaza:

The ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinian organization Hamas (Israel-Hamas War) has been extended till 29 am on Wednesday (November 7). In these two days, Hamas will release 20 hostages. In return, Israel will release 60 Palestinian prisoners. At least 7 people were taken hostage by Hamas fighters after rocket attacks on Israel on October 240. Among the hostages was 25-year-old Israeli Ronnie Kriboy, who was among those released by Hamas on Sunday.

Relatives of 25-year-old Ronnie Kriboy said kriboy briefly escaped Hamas before being released, Reuters reported. The building where he was held hostage collapsed during Israeli firing. Criboy managed to escape from here. However, Hamas fighters took him hostage again.

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Kriboy's family said, "
Kriboy worked as a stage hand at an outdoor dance party. On October 7, Hamas fighters killed 364 people here. Hamas fighters took 240 people hostage. Among them was Kriboy.

Kriboy's aunt, Jelena Magid, said in an interview with Israel's Kan Radio that she spoke to Kriboy after his return. There was firing and bombing. There Kriboy had injuries on his head.

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"He managed to escape and hide alone for four days," said Jelena Magid, who was captured by Gazans and handed over
to Hamas. He tried to reach the Rafah border and was eventually captured by the Gazans and handed over to Hamas."

Kriboy's cousin, Alex Magid, gave a similar detail in an interview with Israel's Army Radio on Monday. Several Palestinian gunmen were killed in the bombing of the building, it said.

Citing Kriboy's dual Russian citizenship, Hamas said he was released to show Moscow.
Because Russia is the only world power to openly support Hamas in the seven-week war. Hamas has so far released women, elderly women and children according to the deal. But on Sunday, Hamas released 7-year-old Kriboy along with the rest of the hostages.

Like other hostages who returned from Gaza, Kriboy has also been kept away from the media. Israeli officials are focusing on helping them improve their physical and emotional well-being.

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