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A groom shot four people at his own wedding, including the bride, before pointing the gun at himself in Thailand, Sky News reported.

Former soldier and paraathlete Chaturong Suksuk killed his wife, Kanchana Pachunthüek, hours after they got married.

The 29-year-old suddenly left the wedding party late on Saturday and then appeared with a gun. He shoots the bride's mother and younger sister, along with a guest at the wedding. Another person was seriously injured. After the shooting, 11 bullets were found at the wedding venue.

Bride widows an hour after her wedding

Guests noticed that the groom was not happy at the party, but was "quite drunk", police said. The groom's motive remains unclear.

He purchased the gun and ammunition legally last year. Police said there were allegations by Chaturong's relatives that he was unsure about the 15-year age difference between him and his wife.

Chaturong is a former soldier who was left disabled after one leg was run over by a train and then amputated. He won a silver medal in swimming at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Paragames in Indonesia last year.

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