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Residents of the village of Shtraklevo in Ruse have lamented about continuous electric shocks and a change in voltage. Many of them have burned electrical appliances.

People have filed complaints to the electricity distribution company, to the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission, but apart from being forwarded from institution to institution, there is no specific answer.

Residents of the village say that this harassment has been going on for more than 2 years. They plan to file a class action for compensation for burnt appliances.

"3 TVs, a dishwasher, a refrigerator, for the small appliances - they did not even describe them. He started smoking everywhere and flashing. It was scary. When we called the power service, they said, remove the plug and we'll be there in the morning. They came this morning without warning. I met the damage, they only apologized to me," said one of the victims.

The local store also has burnt equipment. "It's a daily routine. Several times a day, it creates inconvenience, everything is electric, our whole system collapses, "said another victim.

In addition to their electrical appliances, people in the village are already afraid for their lives. "Going into the bathroom to take a bath, a current hit me, knocking me to the ground."

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In less than a week, the residents of the village of Shtraklevo collected over 500 signatures and filed a complaint with the energy and the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission.

Our team sought an answer from the electricity distribution company, who replied that the analysis of events shows that most of the interruptions were held to planned activities in the repair program of the company.

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