ARUSHA; Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy, Dr. Doto Biteko has instructed the country's Planning Commission to coordinate the participation of various citizen groups and other stakeholders in providing feedback on the ongoing process of the development of the National Development Vision 2050.

He made the remarks while representing Prime Minister, Kassim Majaliwa Majaliwa, at the opening ceremony of the first 2023 Summit held on November 27, 2023 in Arusha.

"The Planning Commission must ensure that all citizens are fully engaged in expressing their views on Tanzania that they want in the next 25 years, the preparation of the National Development Vision 2050 has begun and given the importance of the Vision to our nation, all planners and stakeholders are essential to each of their positions to participate fully in all stages of preparation as needed." Dr. Biteko said

He also urged Planning Officers to change and conduct monitoring and evaluation of all projects and programmes implemented in their areas, including those funded by development stakeholders rather than those funded by the Central Government or councils alone.

Dr. Biteko also directed the Planning Directors to focus on a culture of collective thinking in planning for the government and the country as a whole to bring in strong plans that will help the nation achieve a higher economy.

Another issue Dr. Biteko stressed is the planners tasked with managing projects as well as monitoring and evaluation to take into account the procedures for reporting the implementation of the programmes and development projects being implemented.

In parallel, Dr. Biteko said that assessment and monitoring activities are important in the country so they should be prioritised for adequate resources.

The conference was attended by various leaders including Finance Minister Dr. Mwigulu Nchemba, Minister of Construction, Innocent Bashungwa, Secretary-General of the President's Office of Planning and Investment, Dr. Tausi Kida and Arusha Regional Commissioner John Mongela.