In Odesa, due to bad weather, many houses were left without electricity and water supply, and the storm felled dozens of trees.

In the northern district of Odesa - the village of Kotovsky - a 100-meter boiler house pipe fell due to strong winds. The night before, in some districts of Odesa, water also disappeared due to a power outage. It is because of power surges and power outages that pumping equipment turns off every ten minutes and cannot work stably, the water utility reported.

Local Telegram channels report that there are already victims of bad weather. In particular, the body of a man with hypothermia was found in Shchepny Lane, the body of a woman was found at the bus stop on Akademika Lazarev Street, and the body of a man was found on Railway Station Square.

Utilities of Odesa continue to eliminate the consequences of the terrible bad weather that prevailed in Odessa a day earlier.

"Special equipment cleans the roadway along the agreed routes. Employees of housing and communal services and management companies clean sidewalks, bus stops, pedestrian crossings, approaches to the front doors, etc.," the Odesa housing and communal services said in a statement.

Work is also underway to cut trees and large branches, which have blocked the movement of road and electric vehicles in many locations.

Due to the sharp deterioration of weather conditions, today, November 27, all educational institutions switched to distance learning. Kindergartens and schools will work in the mode of duty groups. The Odesa Regional Military Administration warns that if the bad weather continues, distance learning may be extended.

In Odesa region, three highways of national importance are still closed to all vehicles

The situation remains complicated on the public roads M-15 Odesa - Reni, M-05 Kyiv - Odesa and M-16 Odesa - Kuchurgan. The consequences of bad weather are eliminated by utility workers, police and rescuers.

Most of the accidents are in the Bilyaivka and Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi directions / Photo: State Emergency Service

"As of this morning, the police of Odesa region received 72 reports of road accidents, of which 9 were with victims. There were no dead or hospitalized," the regional police said.

In Odessa, due to bad weather, part of the electric transport does not work: which trolleybuses and trams run

In Odesa, as of the morning of November 27, due to bad weather, 78 breaks in the contact network of city electric transport were recorded, which is why some of the routes do not run.

The following routes are currently operating:

tram No. 17 (up to the 6th station of the Big Fountain);
tram No. 11;
tram No. 12 on the shortened route Slobidsky Market - Alekseevskaya Square;
trolleybus No. 12;
trolleybus No. 7 on a shortened route from the street. Architect to the railway station.

As of the morning of November 27, bad weather is raging in most regions of Ukraine. Read about all the consequences in the news.