In Ukraine, air defense systems are deployed in many regions of our country, which cover Ukrainians and important infrastructure facilities from the attacks of the Russian occupiers.

This was stated in an interview with NV by the spokesman of the Air Force, Yuriy Ignat.

"I don't just need to say that Kyiv one is getting stronger, it's not true. Yes, Kyiv is well protected, because it is the most attacked, and was attacked the most in the last heating season. Therefore, we must understand that Kyiv is protected - of course. And other regions are now already protected by Western systems, both NASAMS and IRIS-T, but I won't say more," Yurii Ihnat explained.

He also added that the Air Force hopes that the new air defense coalition at Ramstein will contribute to the arrival of more Western air defense models.

"Let's hope that the creation of this coalition will allow us to strengthen even more. Every additional installation that comes from the West, or every air defense system (battery) is a protected city, several objects are protected. This is reinforcement," the spokesman stressed.

It will be recalled that Ihnat confirmed that in May, the Patriot shot down five Russian planes over the Bryansk region.