Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamenskykh recently released a video for the Spanish-language song "Tu y Yo", where she did not mention her husband Potap as the author of the hit.

In her photo blog, the star decided to share behind the scenes of filming. In particular, she noted that the video work is filled with symbols. And she added that her lyrical heroine was constantly between "light and dark side", "mind and feelings".

"In the video, my team and I decided to show two looks: light and dark. This is a kind of symbol of the struggle between the two personalities of the main character: the choice between her light and dark side, mind and feelings," the celebrity wrote.

Nastya Kamenskikh

In addition, Kamensky admitted that in life, very often the human mind is overshadowed by love and they begin to think irrationally.

"As in life, it often happens that the power of feelings overshadows the mind and we lose the ground under our feet, not being able to think rationally," the artist intrigued.

Nastya Kamenskikh

It can be assumed that such an emotional video with drastic changes in the image of Nastya was based on her own emotional experiences and experiences. Therefore, after the release of the video, rumors about the singer's divorce from her husband Potap intensified.

Currently, the couple is not giving any comments on this matter.

Recall that recently rumors began to circulate on the Web that Nastya Kamenskikh and her husband, rapper Potap, are no longer together. One of the Ukrainian radio hosts suggested that the couple would soon announce their divorce.