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A 47-year-old man from Varna will be prosecuted for two telephone frauds, the press office of the Regional Prosecutor's Office in the sea capital announced.

According to the institution, D.K. was complicit in the misrepresentation of two women. As a result of the crime, they suffered property damage.

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"The man acted in order to obtain for himself and his accomplice a property benefit, deliberately facilitating the commission of fraud - a crime under Art. 209, para. 1, in connection with art. 20, para. 4, in relation to para. 1, in connection with art. 26, para. 1 of the NC. The man played the role of a 'mule' in the fraudulent scheme," the indictment said.

D.K. was arrested on March 16, 2023, after his involvement in a telephone fraud committed on the same day was established.

The act describes that the man took money thrown across the terrace by an elderly woman, and the amount had to be taken to Romania. The act remained unfinished and the money was found and seized by the man upon his arrest. The amount amounted to BGN 10,831.72, and there were gold jewelry in addition to it.

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