Earlier on Monday, the Israeli military announced that 11 hostages released from Gaza had arrived in Israel and would undergo an initial medical examination before reuniting with their families.

"Our forces will accompany them until they reach the arms of their families," the army said in a statement, adding: "We greet IDF commanders and soldiers and hug the abductees who return home as they return home."

"As part of the commitments of the fourth day of the armistice agreement, today 33 Palestinian civilians will be released in exchange for the exit of 11 Israeli detainees from Gaza," a statement by the Qatari Foreign Ministry on platform X said.

"Those released from Israeli prisons include 30 minors and 3 women, while Israelis released from Gaza include 3 French nationals, 2 German nationals and 6 from Argentina who were handed over to the Red Cross," the statement said.

Hamas media also said Israel would release 30 Palestinian children and 3 women under the truce agreement.