Russia has moved S-400 strategic systems from Kaliningrad to the front in Ukraine due to significant losses. Russian President Vladimir Putin appears to have no choice but to weaken the defenses of Kaliningrad, an outpost that borders NATO members on three sides and is considered one of Moscow's most strategically sensitive regions.

This was reported by the Independent.

"The fact that the Russian Ministry of Defense seems willing to take the additional risk underscores the excessive burden that the war has placed on some of Russia's key modern capabilities," British intelligence officials said the day before.

Putin's forces suffered particularly heavy losses of their SA-21 air defense systems in the temporarily occupied regions of Ukraine at the end of October 2023.

"Ukrainian attacks most likely destroyed at least four Russian anti-aircraft missile systems that were located in the occupied territories within one week," the journalists write.

Sandwiched between Poland and Lithuania on NATO's eastern flank, Kaliningrad is geographically completely separated from the country's core territory.

Moscow attaches great strategic importance to Kaliningrad because the Baltic port is home to Russia's Baltic Fleet and is one of Russia's few ice-free European ports.

Recall that in the first week of November, Russia lost at least four launchers of long-range anti-aircraft missiles – these are the S-300 or S-400.