November 26, 2023 is Sunday. 641st day of the war in Ukraine.

What is today, November 26, a church holiday

November 26 in the church calendar is the day of remembrance of St. George the Victorious. This day is also called Yuriev, Yuri Winter. He was born in Cappadocia in the III century in the family of a simple farmer who believed in God. My father died a martyr's faith for Christ. And young George entered the service of the Roman army and even there received many awards. For this, he became an advisor to Emperor Diocletian, who was faithful to the pagan gods.

Diocletian wanted to revive paganism, and therefore treated Christians cruelly. George found out about this and began to prepare for death himself. He distributed all his possessions to the poor, set the slaves free. Then he came to the emperor and declared that he was a Christian. Diocletian was surprised by such courage, so he asked the young man not to ruin his life. However, George refused to worship pagan gods. From that moment on, terrible trials began, which he all endured. Diocletian's wife, seeing the suffering of the young soldier, also believed in Christ. For this, the emperor also decided to condemn her. George was beheaded. He died quietly in 303.

What not to do on November 26

Folk signs and traditions for November 26

Among our ancestors there were many interesting omens for this day:

On November 26, there will be a blizzard throughout the day - bees will drink honey early / Photo: Pexels

The day of St. George the Victorious began to be celebrated in Russia during the time of the Kiev prince Yaroslav the Wise in the XI century. The date was dedicated to the consecration of St. George's Church in Kiev (1051-1054). In ancient times, it was believed that it was from this day that winter finally came into its own.

Name day: how to name a child born on November 26

What are today's name days: Yuri, George, Vasily, Athanasius, Julian, Mikhail, Nazar, Nikolai, Ivan, Ilya.

The talisman of an individual born on November 26th is Jasper. Jewelry stone with a matte sheen. Jasper has long been believed to symbolize harmony and health. Therefore, the stone was often used to treat various diseases (depending on the color).

On this day, the following people were born:

Memorable dates: November 26

Calendar of important events in Ukraine and the world on November 26:

Weather on November 26

Today, November 26, it is cloudy in Kyiv, it will snow all day, which will intensify in the second half and subside by the evening. It is cloudy in Lviv, it will snow all afternoon. It is cloudy in Kharkiv, heavy rain throughout the day, which will decline in the afternoon and intensify again in the evening. It is cloudy in Odessa, heavy rain is expected in the morning, and rain and snow in the afternoon and evening.

The air temperature in Kyiv is -1 during the day and -2 at night. In Lviv, it is -1 during the day and -3 at night. In Kharkiv, it is +6 during the day and 0 at night. In Odessa, it is +4 during the day and +1 at night.

What day is today in Ukraine and in the world

On November 26, Ukraine and the world celebrate International Bible Day / Photo: Pexels

On November 26, Ukraine and the world celebrate International Bible Day. This book has been considered a leader in the number of publications in all centuries. Christians believe that when they read the Bible, they get answers to all their questions. The holiday was established in 1940, when a group of businessmen from New York proposed to start a biblical organization. At that time, fascism was flourishing in the world, the Second World War was going on. The newly created organization set itself the goal of distracting Americans from all these horrors, to interest them in reading the Bible.

Also on November 26 . It is a global call to action to have a healthy and happy life. In the <>st century, obesity has become one of the most important global health problems, often leading to chronic conditions and diseases. The main purpose of this day is to share information about preventive measures and encourage people around the world to fight obesity.