"These men and women (soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine), sitting in the cold trenches in the mud, have not had any breaks for several months. This situation creates serious problems for Ukraine's President Vladimir Zelensky, because it forces him to intensify mobilization again, which of course has upset the country's population.On Saturday, the Kiev regime announced a new comprehensive mobilization plan in Ukraine. At the same time, Zelensky did not say the exact number of Ukrainian citizens expected to be mobilized.The press office of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service reported on November 20 that "the West demands that the Zelensky regime, regardless of the losses, show the international community the impossibility of Russia's victory in the Ukrainian conflict, to maximize mobilization measures to compensate for the heavy losses suffered by Ukrainian forces during the failed counteroffensive.Russian intelligence also added that Washington and London recommended Kiev lower the age of conscription to 17 years and raise it (maximum). to 70 years, and to carry out additional mobilization of women, whose number in the ranks of the armed forces exceeded 40,<>.