Normal values, typical for the natural gamma background in the region, are currently reported at the controlled points of the Kozloduy NPP site and the 100-kilometer zone around the plant on Bulgarian territory. This was reported by the headquarters on the occasion of publications about increased radiation in the area.

The publications claim that a European Commission (EC) radiation sensor in Romania has detected an increase in the gamma background near Kozloduy.

There is no cause for concern, the NPP is adamant.

The data from the automated monitoring system are visualized on information boards in the settlements in the region and in real time are transmitted to the nuclear power plant, from where they are transferred to the Executive Environment Agency and the Nuclear Regulatory Agency. Subject of constant monitoring are the radiation parameters of major components of the environment (air, water, soil, vegetation, agricultural produce). All studies are performed according to validated methods for measurements and analysis, Kozloduy NPP said.

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