According to the Times of Israel, the IDF said that the unit's dogs were involved in helping to locate Hamas operatives, explosives and weapons, as well as hostages and corpses.The "Okitz" is one of the IDF units that relies on dogs for many of its activities.This unit participates in most of the campaigns launched by the Israeli army, and played a major role during the recent Israeli war on Gaza.It is noteworthy that the tasks of operations of this unit are to thwart attacks and prevent damage to the IDF.The unit is one of the best Units of trained dogs in the world, where dogs use their advanced sense of smell and hearing, in addition to their sharp teeth and flexible body to attack, and enter confined spaces.Unit dogs are usually used to scan the homes of suspects, before entering the Israeli army forces, and the soldiers of "Okitz" and the dogs of the unit walk at the head of the force with the commander.