He said in exclusive statements to "Sputnik", that the truce agreement provides for the entry of 200 aid trucks per day through the Rafah crossing, and two vehicles of fuel, containing approximately 120 thousand liters of solar.He explained that the aid during the truce already reaches 200 trucks per day, and aid is being transferred on Sunday to the Strip, and the number of trucks may exceed 200, revealing the entry of 8 ambulances within the trucks today.Between the reception of the Rafah crossing 400 injured and wounded new Palestinians, with 300 people from Israel received a list of detainees scheduled to be released, on Sunday, as part of the third batch of the exchange deal with Hamas.The Israeli newspaper "Haaretz" quoted the office of Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, confirming the receipt of a list of names expected to be released and informing their families of the information.The Israeli authorities released on Saturday, 39 detainees, including 6 women and 33 children, at Ofer military prison located on citizens' land in the town of Beitunia, west of Ramallah, and from the Russian Compound detention center in Jerusalem. The Israeli authorities are scheduled to release 39 Palestinians today, as part of the third batch of the exchange deal. The temporary humanitarian truce agreement reached between Hamas and the Israeli government entered into force at dawn last Wednesday at seven o'clock last Friday morning, and will last for 4 days.This agreement is the first actual step towards calm in the raging war between Hamas and Israel, since the dawn of Saturday, October 7.Since the seventh of last October, Israel has arrested more than 3150,<> Palestinians, including former prisoners.