In detail, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced on Sunday that Russian forces managed to shoot down two Ukrainian Su-27 fighter jets and a third MiG-29 fighter jets in different regions of Ukraine, as part of the special military operation.

According to a statement from the Russian Ministry of Defense: Russian air defense systems shot down 3 aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force, two Su-27 aircraft in the Novoraysk and Felikaya Alexandrovka regions of the Kherson region, and a MiG-29 fighter in the Dnipropetrovsk region, in addition to that 17 Himars missiles were intercepted.

The statement confirmed that 53 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles were destroyed in areas in Lugansk, Donetsk, Kharkiv and Kherson.

Destruction of aircraft fuel storage facilities

On the same level, the ministry reported that the Russian army destroyed Ukrainian fuel storage facilities for military aviation in the Poltava region.

"The aviation fuel storage facilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Poltava region and the aviation ammunition arsenal in the Cherkassy region were destroyed," the Russian defense said in its statement.

Destruction of S-200 missiles over the Sea of Azov

In its statement, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Sunday that the air defense system destroyed two Ukrainian S-200 missiles over the Sea of Azov.

"On November 26, 2023, the Kiev regime attempted to carry out a terrorist attack using modified S-200 anti-aircraft missiles to destroy targets inside Russian territory," the ministry said in its statement.

The ministry added that Russian air defense systems detected and destroyed two Ukrainian missiles in mid-air over the Sea of Azov.