November 27 is declared a non-school day for children from the municipality of Sevlievo. This was announced on his Facebook page by the Mayor of Sevlievo Dr. Ivan Ivanov.

"Due to the complicated meteorological situation on the territory of the Municipality of Sevlievo, Monday, November 27 will be a non-school day. Only kindergartens in the town of Sevlievo will work. The Municipality of Sevlievo appeals to the parents of all traveling children to leave them at home until the consequences of heavy snowfall are fully coped," the statement said.

In the municipality of Byala tomorrow will be a non-school day

We would like to remind you that the Municipality of Sevlievo announced an emergency telephone line on duty – 0675 396 112. There are no people in the municipality of Sevlievo, the situation in the town of Sevlievo has been brought under control and cleaning of the streets has begun. According to the local administration, the meteorological situation in the municipality of Sevlievo is complicated.

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