On Sunday, November 26, restrictions were introduced at some border crossing points in Moldova due to heavy snowfall.

This was reported by the Moldovan edition of Newsmaker.

Due to bad weather, the Palanka — Mayaki — Udobne checkpoint, which is important for Ukraine, is intermittently operating.

"Due to strong winds, Internet connection cables were damaged. Specialists are working on the spot, transport is being directed to the checkpoint in Tudor," the border police said.

In addition, some checkpoints on the Romanian border do not allow trucks to pass, as in Romania the situation on the roads is very difficult caused by snowfalls. Temporary restrictions for freight transport are also in effect at the Giurgiulești-Galați checkpoint, which is next to the Ukrainian city of Reni – only trucks "equipped according to weather conditions" are allowed to pass.

According to the Border Guard Service, the snowfall led to the cancellation of flights at Chisinau International Airport. According to the airport's schedule, Turkish Airlines flights from Chisinau to Istanbul and from Istanbul to Chisinau have been canceled. In addition, two today's flights from Brussels and London to Chisinau, as well as from Chisinau to Berlin, Dubai and Verona had to be postponed.

According to local media, several serious accidents occurred in Moldova due to snowfall on the roads, one person died. About 60 settlements are de-energized due to damage to power lines.

Recall that in the Odessa region on November 26, traffic was blocked on the M-15 Odesa-Reni highway due to a severe blizzard, snowdrifts and ice on the road.