Baghdad – Sputnik. The Iraqi armed faction said in a statement, "It is a matter of pride and pride that the Islamic resistance in Iraq participates in the battle of right against falsehood, insisting on continuing this approach, indifferent to the pressures, obstacles and aggressions it has received, bearing the cost of its resistance work, fixed on the road to breaking the thorn of the occupation, and expelling it from Iraq." With Lebanon, we affirm that confrontations with the occupying forces of Iraq will not stop until it is liberated, a decision that we will not deviate from no matter how expensive the sacrifices." He continued, "Thanks and appreciation for the efforts made by the Iraqi government, political parties, and the tribes of Iraq, in recording positions rejecting the American-Zionist aggression, and we extend our praise to the clerics, pulpit preachers, and the mujahideen who camped on the border with Jordan, and all activities in support of the Palestinian people." Israel and Hamas, mediated by Qatar and Egypt, reached last Wednesday the first wide-ranging agreement since 7 October, and the parties agreed to a four-day cessation of hostilities to exchange dozens of hostages and prisoners held between them.