In the first 330 months of this year, the government assisted more than 30 mainland or overseas enterprises to set up and expand their businesses in Hong Kong, a year-on-year increase of 3%, including AstraZeneca, a leading British pharmaceutical company, which is expected to create more than 700,<> jobs in Hong Kong.

In recent days, senior officials have frequently campaigned for the District Council Elections, and Chan Mo-po is no exception, encouraging the public to actively participate in promoting better community relations and caring and mutual assistance, and reflecting public sentiment and public opinion.

Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po said in a blog post this morning (26th) that the work of attracting investment from the Hong Kong government is progressing steadily, and bluntly said: "Positive results are being achieved one after another". (Blog image)

Chen Maobo: Positive effects have been achieved one after another

In the first 330 months of this year, InvestHK assisted more than 30 Mainland or overseas enterprises to set up and expand their business in Hong Kong, a year-on-year increase of 3%, and is expected to create more than 700,26 jobs in Hong Kong. Chan Mo-po described in a blog today (<>th) that the Hong Kong government's work to attract investment is progressing steadily, saying that in recent years, Hong Kong has continued to invest in and promote innovation and technology and new industrialization, and the transformation of research results and the industrialization of innovation and technology.

Mr Chan attended the unveiling ceremony of AstraZeneca's R&D Centre and InnoPark in Hong Kong yesterday last week. (Blog image)

AstraZeneca has set up an R&D team of about 100 people in Hong Kong within a few years

For example, Chen Maobo pointed out that AstraZeneca, a leading pharmaceutical company that he visited in the United Kingdom earlier, officially set up a R&D center and incubation platform in Hong Kong yesterday (25th) - Hong Kong Innovation Park (Hong Kong iCampus), and it is expected to form a R&D team of about 100 people in Hong Kong within a few years, which will be the first time that the world's top ten pharmaceutical companies have set up R&D centers in Hong Kong. Mr Chan believes that the convergence of leading enterprises and related upstream, midstream and downstream enterprises in Hong Kong will help build a more complete innovation industry chain and a more vibrant ecosystem.

During the APEC meeting in San Francisco, Mr Chan met with two Silicon Valley-based start-ups engaged in medical devices and artificial intelligence and biotechnology, respectively, and said that both companies are interested in setting up R&D centers and regional headquarters in Hong Kong.

The first Saudi ETF was listed on Wednesday in the hope that more emerging market companies will raise funds in Hong Kong

In terms of investment, Chan Mo-po pointed out that Asia's first Saudi ETF will be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on Wednesday, when investors will be able to trade Saudi stock market index constituent stocks directly in Hong Kong dollar or RMB through ETFs in the Hong Kong market. He also said that in the past two months, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange has added the Saudi Arabian Exchange and the Indonesia Stock Exchange to the "list of recognized stock exchanges", allowing companies listed on these exchanges to be listed in Hong Kong for secondary listings, and he believes that encouraging enterprises in the two emerging markets to use Hong Kong for financing will also provide greater incentives for them to set up in Hong Kong and expand their business.

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