How to take care of a girl in our time so as not to find yourself in a ridiculous position and achieve reciprocity?

Psychologists advise that first of all, she should see your attention, feel your care and love.

Put it first

A girl, a woman needs to feel that she, her feelings, thoughts are very important to you. Everyone needs to feel important to someone, and during courtship, this has a special meaning. This does not mean that a guy, a man should forget about himself, his family, his friends. Not at all, the main thing is to let her know that for the sake of the relationship, you are ready to change your life and take into account the needs and interests of the girl you like

Try to always listen carefully to her and remember what she says

Even if the topic does not interest you, listen to what she is talking about, make her feel that she can talk about anything and will be heard by you. Remember the details, if a girl in a conversation once mentioned that she does not eat sugar, order her unsweetened coffee in a coffee shop. If a girl says she likes to have breakfast in a café, invite her to breakfast.

Be a reliable partner, someone you can rely on

Any girl or woman dreams of a reliable relationship, of a man who will help and will not let you down. Try to let the girl know that you will be there for her in any situation and will always help her cope with problems. Respond to her request for help, but also be careful enough to offer it yourself. If she's worried that she won't be able to choose a new phone or laptop on her own, offer her a few models. If you miss a call from her, always call her back.

Be romantic

It is not necessary to sing serenades under the balcony, but you can always surprise with a pleasant note, flowers. Make surprises and don't be afraid that the girl won't like it. Any unexpected gift, invitation for a walk, a trip to a picnic will not leave any girl indifferent.

Spend more time together

Go with a girl to exhibitions, cinemas, theater, walks, a common experience brings you together. In the end, the girl will get used to you.

Take the initiative in every possible way

Offer the girl different options for spending time. Don't wait for her to start hinting that she's bored. Offer unobtrusively, be prepared for rejection and counter-offer.

Compliment and be gallant

Another way to win affection from a girl is to give compliments. It does not require special knowledge and special courage. Note that you like her hairstyle, smile, voice. Tell her that it's nice to spend time with her and it's fun to talk to.

It is important to be polite and follow basic rules. Gallantry is an exquisite, unobtrusive politeness — help open the door, carry a heavy bag, take off your outerwear. At the same time, take into account the wishes of the girl herself. If she thinks these norms are outdated, avoid them and don't run around her. Find the best option for both.

Make signs of attention more often

Try to show attention with actions, not words. Bring the girl coffee or lunch in the middle of the working day, give her a small gift. It is not necessary to bring her a bouquet of flowers or a teddy bear. Give an interesting book, a beautiful coffee cup. Bring fruit, honey, jam if you notice that the girl has a sore throat. There is nothing grandiose in these gifts, but the most important thing is care and attention.

Write romantic messages

If you can't see a girl often? Write and send text, audio, or video messages about your thoughts and feelings. Remember the pleasant moments you experienced together. Any unplanned message will be pleasant and will make the girl smile. Call her if you know she can talk and will be happy with you. Don't call the girl every hour if she doesn't answer, don't demand an instant response to messages. Calls and messages from you should be pleasant and associated with something good.

The main thing is to let the girl feel your attention and care, be attentive, kind, patient and unobtrusive. Give gifts, try to spend more time together, and be yourself.