Until the spring of 2024, no drastic changes are expected in the rental market. Prices will remain at this level and may fluctuate slightly within 5%. And in the spring, another seasonal growth is possible.

This was stated in a comment to the TSN.ua website by the president of the Association of Real Estate Specialists Yuri Pita.

"There are certain prerequisites for this. People return, find jobs, and have the opportunity to rent. The capital has always been such a metropolis, and there is no reason not to leave now," says Yurii Pita.

The price, he said, is mostly influenced by demand. If the property is rented out in one or two days, this indicates that it is very active, and the price will increase. Another factor is the security situation in the city and region.

"Yes, we hear about possible blackouts and shelling. But this will have a greater impact on the tastes and choices of tenants. If it is very difficult, they will choose the floors below, so that there will be gasification. This is what we saw last year. Now there is no such demand. In the fall, a person was rented on the 10th, 13th, and 18th floors," said Yurii Pita.

The real estate expert says that today the situation in the rental market is stable, with prospects for price increases. According to Yurii Pita, there is less demand in winter because it is not so comfortable to move. At the same time, you can find a good apartment at a lower price.

"If you want to find something more interesting and for the same money, you can try," said Yurii Pita.