Thabet said in statements to "Sputnik", that the American side sought during the period of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali for the existence of military facilities, but his demands were rejected altogether at the time.He pointed out that the form currently in force with the European side or with Washington comes within the framework of military cooperation and exchange of experiences.He stressed that Tunisia cannot accept the establishment of military bases on its territory, as rejected the demands of the American side before.The Tunisian Minister of Defense confirmed during his hearing before parliamentarians Earlier, in response to the presence of military bases on Tunisian territory, the incorrectness of what is being talked about, saying that this talk is "fictional and has no basis in light of the President of the Republic's keenness on the sovereignty of the country, and we cannot interact with gossip." Regarding some of them since the presidency of Moncef Marzouki, Minister Mamish explained that the matter is "forced and not optional, and the military institution is keen not to remain where it is not necessary".In recent years, the matter has sparked a state of controversy about the existence of US military bases since the period of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, but without official confirmation from the official authorities in Tunisia or the other side.The talk came to the fore again strongly during the years in which Tunisia has known several terrorist operations, and after the revelation of the receipt of Some terrorist elements are conducting armed exercises in Libya, and there is a lot of talk about the presence of a US military base southeast of Tunisia, but experts confirmed the Tunisian minister's talk denying the existence of any US military bases on Tunisian territory.