The case is extreme. This is what the Minister of Environment and Water Julian Popov, Minister of Environment and Water in the caretaker government of Marin Raykov from 12, said in the show "In Focus" on Nova TV on the occasion of the severe winter situation after the fallen snow in recent hours.

There has been a lot of snow over the years but in recent years we have seen a situation with intense rainfall sharply, suddenly. The snow was very strong, very sudden, and it's also quite wet, which means it weighs. There are more broken trees now than in other cases. We need to rethink the measures that are being taken at an expected similar time, Popov said.

The mobilization is exceptional and I think the management of the situation by the Prime Minister is very good, the Environment Minister said.

He assured that there is no increased radiation in the area of Kozloduy NPP, as publications have appeared. A little earlier, the publications were also refuted by the nuclear power plant.

There's no danger. All the stations we manage do not show an increase in the radiation background. I would urge everyone to carry out inspections before disseminating such information, the Minister of Environment noted.

There is no increased radiation near Kozloduy NPP, the plant said

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