On November 27, during the peak morning hours, the entry of large vehicles into Kyiv will be restricted. This decision was made on November 24 by the Standing Commission on Technogenic and Environmental Safety and Emergencies due to the predicted snowfall and bad weather in the Kyiv region.

This was reported by the Kyiv City State Administration.

"This will minimize the occurrence of traffic jams on roads and ensure the movement of snow removal equipment.
We ask the heads of enterprises for the transportation of goods, in particular over long distances, to take into account the restrictions when planning routes and not to create an accumulation of vehicles at the entrances to the city," the Kyiv City State Administration said.

Owners of enterprises engaged in organized passenger transportation in the region, if possible, were also asked to limit travel at this time.

As for the rules of conduct for drivers during snowfalls, they were reminded of the preference for public transport at such a time. Also, do not leave your car on sidewalks, extreme lanes of roads and on the roadsides, so as not to interfere with the work of special equipment.

Recall that bad weather is raging in Ukraine. Experts warn that on November 27, difficult weather conditions of the II (orange) level of danger are expected. In the Kyiv region, heavy snowfalls and rain are expected, ice in places; snow - up to 20-30 cm, in some places 40-50 cm; Blizzards, snow drifts, ice on the roads are expected.

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