Ukrainian actress Natalka Denysenko complained of health problems.

On her Instagram, the celebrity shared that she had to go to the hospital for an examination by a mammologist. According to the artist, she felt a painful ball in her chest, so she immediately went to the doctor. It turned out that Natalka Denysenko had a cyst, which has now been removed.

"As for the hospital... In the morning, I felt a bullet in my chest that hurt... I came to see a mammologist and it turned out that it was a cyst. I just had a puncture and removed it with a syringe," the actress wrote.

Natalka Denysenko was diagnosed with a cyst / Photo:

Natalka Denysenko says that the procedure was successful, although it was a little painful. However, the celebrity could not hold back tears, because she understands why she has a cyst. The reason for this was stress.

"This is me after the procedure... It wasn't fatal, it was a little painful... But I'm not so upset because of the physical pain... It hurts a lot because I understand why this happened! The war hits the psyche, physical condition, hormones, and sores come out that we would never have," the actress said.

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Recently, Natalka Denysenko pretty much scared the fans. The actress showed up with wounds on her face. Subsequently, the celebrity explained what happened.