Ukrainian singer Olena Topolia, aka Alyosha, frankly admitted that it was difficult for her to stay abroad during the war in Ukraine.

In an interview for the YouTube project "Alone", the artist frankly admitted that in the United States she often had nervous breakdowns and tantrums. It was difficult for the singer to be abroad, because she wanted to live in Ukraine, but could not return.

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"Sometimes there were breakdowns. You hold on, hold on, and then you break down. There were tantrums, depression, tears all day long. This is a psychological state that I couldn't do anything about at that time, it took over. I can say that abroad, when you want to go home, when you don't want to live where you are, it's much more difficult than living here under fire," the performer admitted.

The actress says that it was difficult for her psychologically. She wanted to be close to her family. Although Alyosha was constantly in touch, she was very worried about them. The singer added that only those who have lived abroad will understand her.

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"Psychologically, it's a kind of hell in which you live every second. You don't live, you're absent, you don't belong to yourself, you just don't know who you are, where you are, how you are. You don't know about your loved ones or your relatives. You communicate with them, but they are far away from you. I don't see these people, my relatives, when I want to see them, I worry about them. Only after living there, you can understand how difficult it is for those who believe that it is somehow easier abroad," the celebrity explained.

Due to the full-scale war in Ukraine, Alyosha and her children were forced to live in the United States. Meanwhile, Taras Topolia himself remained in Ukraine, although, as a father of three children, he could go abroad. Instead, the musician went to serve as a paramedic at the front.