The owner of the largest cheekbones in the world, Ukrainian blogger Anastasia Pokreshchuk has radically changed her appearance with the help of plastic surgery.

Nastia does not hide this and does not hesitate to tell. In the program "The Incredible Truth About the Stars", Pokreshchuk listed what plastic surgery she resorted to. The blogger enlarged her breasts four times. However, what is her bust size, Nastya does not know.

Anastasia Pokreshchuk

The blogger also did lipofilling (transplantation of her own fat to the buttocks), gluteoplasty (plastic surgery of the buttocks with a change in size and shape), changed the press with the help of plastic surgery, removed Bish's lumps and resorted to liposuction.

"I don't know what breast size it is, honestly, but it's 1050ml of silicone in each. I had lipofilling, it takes fat from the body and pumps it into the buttocks. Then I have an implant, gluteoplasty, this is also in the buttocks. I still have abs, also surgery. I removed Bish's lumps, liposuction," the blogger listed.

Anastasia Pokreshchuk before and after plastic surgery / Photo:

But Pokreshchuk is in no hurry to declassify the cost of plastic surgery. As the blogger admitted, she does not like to talk about this.

"I just don't like to talk about prices," Pokreshchuk said.

Recall that recently dancer Ilona Gvozdeva decided to have plastic surgery. The celebrity enlarged her breasts. Gvozdeva has already declassified how much she paid for the operation.