Due to the severe meteorological situation, a state of emergency was declared in a number of settlements in the country.

In Varna region, a state of emergency has been declared on the territory of Valchi Dol municipality this morning until the situation is brought under control, the mayor of the municipality announced. A non-school day was announced on Monday. According to the Regional Administration in Varna, there are 21 settlements in the municipality without power supply. According to data from the municipality, there is also impaired water supply in many places.

The situation on the territory of the municipality of Aksakovo remains complicated, Mayor Atanas Stoilov announced. In nine locations, access is impossible. These are the villages of Radevo, Botevo, Zornitsa, Zasmyano, Lyuben Karavelovo, Voditsa, Novakovo. General Kantardzhievo can be entered from the lower road. In 13 villages there are no power supply and partially without electricity are areas in the town of Aksakovo. In front of the town hall in Ignatievo, two fallen trees have knocked down a high-voltage power line.

All villages in the municipality of Provadia are without electricity, electricity exists only in Barzitsa, informed Mayor Dimo Dimov. All roads are snowy but passable. There are fallen trees that are cleared with municipal equipment.

In Gabrovo region, a state of emergency was declared on the territory of the municipality of Tryavna, the Municipality announced on its Facebook page. The state of emergency was declared after an emergency meeting of the municipal operational headquarters earlier today with all involved units on winter maintenance, the administration said.

Despite the continuous round-the-clock work of the management of Tryavna Municipality and coordination of the actions with the mobilized teams of the Company under the Obligations and Contracts Act "Winter Maintenance", the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior - Tryavna, the Regional Road Administration - Gabrovo, the Road Canton - Tryavna, the Regional Service "Fire Safety and Protection of the Population" - Tryavna, WSS - Tryavna and the electricity distribution company "Energo Pro", at the moment the situation remains complicated with a continuing Snowfall.

In the Dobrich region, a state of emergency has been declared in the municipality of Krushari by order of Mayor Ilhan Myustedzheb, published on the municipality's website.

The order states that due to the extremely severe winter situation, heavy snowfall and sufficient data received from the mass media to declare a state of emergency in many districts and close the traffic of motor vehicles on third-class roads in the Dobrich region, the mayor declares a state of emergency. This prohibits the movement of cars on all roads in the municipality and suspends the work of kindergartens and schools.

Bulgaria in a Snow Trap

A state of emergency was declared in the Razgrad region because of the complicated winter situation, Chief Expert in the Regional Administration Nikolay Atanasov told BTA. It was announced by order of the Regional Governor Vladimir Dimitrov due to the prolonged intense snowfall, stormy wind and snowdrifts, as well as because of the closed republican and municipal network throughout the region. The deadline for its operation is three days, until 10:30 am on November 29.

Currently, there are more than 100 settlements in the area without electricity supply. There are also many fallen trees on the republican and municipal road network, as well as on the streets in the settlements in the region, Atanasov said. According to him, an organization for the removal and removal of trees was established together with the municipal administrations and the teams of the Regional Directorate "Fire Safety and Protection of the Population".

Due to the disastrous situation, schools in the district will remain closed.

A state of emergency was declared in the municipality of Silistra, the local administration announced. The decision was taken after a meeting of the Municipal Crisis Headquarters, chaired by Mayor Alexander Sabanov.

Tomorrow has been declared a non-school day for all schools in the municipality. Kindergartens and nurseries will work normally. In the municipalities of Dulovo, Tutrakan and Kaynardzha, schools will remain closed tomorrow. In all municipalities there are settlements without electricity and water.

In the district of Shumen, without the city of Shumen, a state of emergency was declared by an order of the regional governor prof. Dobromir Dobrev. The order is for the next 24 hours, the regional administration announced.

The situation on the territory of the whole region of Shumen is difficult. The teams of all involved institutions continue the work on repairing the accidents on the electricity grid, clearing roads, fallen trees and branches. The backup power to substation 1300 has been launched and the water supply to the city of Shumen is expected to be restored. The forestry teams of the Northeast State Enterprise are on the ground and working to remove trees and branches from the roads in the region.

Earlier in the day, a state of emergency was declared in nine municipalities on the territory of Shumen region - Kaolinovo, Novi Pazar, Kaspichan, Nikola Kozlevo, Venets, Hitrino, Smyadovo, Veliki Preslav and Varbitsa.

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