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The 7th Adani Ahmedabad Marathon was held today. This included full, half and wheelchair marathons. More than 20 thousand people participated in the marathon along with many well-known personalities. The marathon was organised to express solidarity with the Army. Along with the armed forces, common people also participated in the marathon.

More than 7,20 people are participating in the 9th Adani Ahmedabad Marathon, see @osamashaab's special report<>ZVj

— NDTV India (@ndtvindia) November 26, 2023

The Adani Ahmedabad Marathon consists of full marathon (42.195 km), half marathon (21.097 km), 10 km run and 5 km run. This time the special wheel chair category was also included in the marathon. The marathon began at 5 am from the Riverfront Sports Park (Paldi). On-call 108 ambulances, nursing and hydration centres are available within every one km of the marathon route.

Medals are given to all the participants in this marathon. Also, an opportunity is given to donate in this marathon for the betterment of the country and the armed forces. Some of the most effective weapons are also displayed to motivate Indian youth to join the army. Participants can choose to support things like armed forces welfare, healthcare, education, livelihood, environment, sustainability, disaster relief and rehabilitation, diversity, equality, inclusion and NGO capacity building.

The Adani Ahmedabad Marathon is certified by the Association of International Marathon and Distance Races (AIMS). Dave Kandy, vice-president and technical director of AIMS, is the race director. Australia's most experienced marathon director Dave Candy has also been race director for the Canberra Marathon and the Sydney Olympic Marathon for 30 years.