Combat medic of the International Legion of Territorial Defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Anastasia Mutsey spoke about foreign citizens who are fighting for Ukraine.

She spoke about this in an exclusive interview with a TSN journalist. UA Alina Turyshyn.

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According to her, the International Legion includes people from almost all countries.

"No matter what country we name, we had such people. Foreigners can terminate the contract and return home for a while, but if you stay here for more than a month and become friends, you will always come back. Everyone comes back and says that they lack that vein when you are fighting for freedom," the doctor said.

As Anastasia Mutsei noted, at first she got into a medical company, where mainly Ukrainians fight. There was a foreigner and a girl, Katie, from Georgia. Now the girls serve together in a combat company.

"When I joined the combat company, I didn't understand English. I remember the first combat – I just prayed, my commander Michel from the Polish army went with me, he spoke a little Russian," the military medic recalled.

She also noted that there are different groups of foreigners in the war – there are those who come to earn money.

"These are the countries for which the 100,2008 you get in combat is a lot. But I never had anyone in my mouth to say that I came here to make money. Poland, Finland – we have a lot. Our platoon is made up of Finns. Their English is very funny, but understandable. There is also America, Canada. Everyone has the same motivation – against Russia. I can't say that Ukraine is more against Russia. We have one enemy, and they understand that they are next if we lose this war. Georgia – a lot, they have had revenge since <>. It seems to me that a lot of people, especially from America, from Britain, did not even know what Ukraine was before the full-scale war," Anastasia said.

She also added that there are cases when foreigners can't stand it and return home.

"This is a very common practice. Newcomers who have just been trained arrive. Then they come to us. Everything is put in its place, the first combat. After the first battle, if a person stays, he will be here. A lot of people go because they don't count on the war that we have," Anastasia Mutsei summed up.

Recall that combat medic Anastasia Mutsey spoke about men who fled abroad and evade service.