"We mark the solemn anniversary of the Holodomor, as the brave people of Ukraine continue to defend their freedom and Ukraine's sovereignty against Russia's brutal war of aggression," the White House said in a statement on its website.

Ninety years ago, the inhumane policies of Joseph Stalin and the Soviet regime created starvation. Millions of Ukrainians—men, women, and children—suffered and starved to death in 1932-1933 due to man-made starvation. Stalin and his regime systematically seized Ukrainian grain and farms and transported Ukrainian grain to other parts of the USSR as a tactic to suppress Ukrainian national identity.

Today, Ukrainian agricultural infrastructure is once again being targeted, this time by Vladimir Putin as part of his quest for conquest and power. Russian forces seek to destroy Ukraine's economy and independence by deliberately damaging fields and destroying Ukrainian granaries and ports. This is not just an attack on Ukraine's economic security, it is a cynical attack on food security everywhere. Putin is harming the world's most vulnerable communities for Russia's profit," the statement reads.

"On this anniversary, we remember and honor all those, both past and present, who have endured such hardships and who continue to fight against tyranny. We also recommit to preventing suffering, protecting fundamental freedoms, and responding to human rights violations, whenever and wherever they occur. We are united with Ukraine," Biden summed up.

To recap, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that the Russian Federation is trying to use food shortages during its aggression, turning hunger into a weapon, and the owner of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin, if he could, would arrange another famine in Ukraine.

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