Russia continues to produce weapons and improve its technologies. If this is not prevented, the war may again go beyond the east and south of Ukraine.

This was stated by the Commander of the Joint Forces, Lieutenant General Serhiy Naev, in a comment to ABC News.

"We understand that there is a war for resources going on now. The Russian Federation receives its resources with the help of the "Axis of Evil" – North Korea, Iran. And we, with the help of our partners, receiving air defense equipment from them, are confronting the Russian Federation with its resources. We need to understand that the reduction of aid will really hit our defense capability. But we will fight with what we have," Naiev said.

He assured that Ukraine effectively uses assistance from allies, in particular, to create and strengthen mobile fire groups.

"Technology is critical. If the old Soviet equipment needs to spend 100 shells on the target, then the Western one needs much less, less than ten. Therefore, technology always has an advantage, and I emphasize once again: this assistance is very, very important for us," Naiev said.

The general warned that if Russia continues to increase weapons production and improve its technology with the help of its allies, the war could again expand beyond the east and south of Ukraine.

"We are preparing for this. We are building defenses, mining and training our forces," the Commander of the Joint Forces summed up.

Earlier, Major of the Reserve of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleksiy Hetman gave a forecast when the war in Ukraine will end.

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