After the public announcement of Russian President Vladimir Putin's intentions to build an underwater tunnel under the Kerch Strait to connect Russia with Crimea, it is useless to hope for China's help for the Russians.

This opinion was expressed on the air of the national telethon by military expert, director of the Center for Military and Legal Studies Oleksandr Musienko.

According to him, the Kremlin no longer believes that the Crimean bridge will stand, and that is why they came up with a project with the construction of an underwater tunnel. However, according to the expert, one should not hope for China's help in this.

"First of all, now it has been publicly announced – it means everything, the deal will be disrupted, the Chinese will not go for it. For the Chinese, there is a concept of "lost profits". They understand that they will earn 5 billion, and lose 55 potentially, which they could earn on other projects... It is clear that under the threat of sanctions, China will not agree to this now. I believe that this operation has already been thwarted," Oleksandr Musienko said.

Earlier, it became known that Russian and Chinese businessmen associated with the government held a secret discussion of plans to build a tunnel that will connect Russia with Crimea.