Abdullah al-Zaghai added in an interview from Bethlehem: "One of the most important criteria for the release of Palestinian prisoners is seniority, but the occupation did not abide by this criterion."

"There are older prisoners than those who were released yesterday, but they have not been released, while prisoners who have a short stay have been released and are released from prisons, and we hope that there will be a commitment today."

He added: "We are waiting for this list (the second batch), which will arrive within hours, to know the numbers and details of the prisoners based on the understandings under which 150 detainees are being released."

The Palestinian official accused the Israeli authorities of trying to manipulate the deal, saying: "Some information has arrived that the Israeli occupation may manipulate some names in today's (Saturday) list, and this would constitute a state of confusion."

"One of the most dangerous things that the Palestinian people have been subjected to"

He stated that the number of prisoners who will be released these days is very small, compared to the large number of detainees, whose total number exceeded 8500,3200 after the Israeli army arrested 7,<> Palestinians from October <>.

"The current campaign of arrests launched by Israel is one of the most dangerous things to which the Palestinian people have been subjected," he said, referring to the abuse and torture of these prisoners, which led to the death of 6 Palestinian prisoners.

He stated that Israel "repudiated previous agreements to release prisoners, including an agreement with the Palestine Liberation Organization in 2014" to release veterans under American auspices, and the fourth batch of that agreement did not take place.