He added in his interview with "Sputnik", that France's positions in support of Israel in a remarkable way from its historical position are explained by the influence of "Jewish lobbies" inside France and in most European countries.He stressed that bilateral crises between Arab countries affect the adoption of decisive collective decisions, as are the European positions that talk about October 7 and ignore what happened from the killing of thousands in Gaza.All Obian positions came in support of Israel at the beginning of the crisis after October 7 categorically supportive of Israel at the level A poll indicated that only 44% of Americans see Israel as an ally, 36% support assistance to the Israeli army, and 40% believe that the Israeli military response exceeded the limits.American diplomacy was forced to change its rhetoric relatively, demanding that civilians be spared bombing and killing, and demanding the entry of aid, which is the opposite of its rhetoric used at the beginning of the war.Earlier, 56 British MPs, belonging to the opposition Labour Party, called for a ceasefire. Although their government does not support a ceasefire, the prime minister has been forced to push for a "humanitarian truce." Stressing the curfew during the days of the truce (four days), agreed between Israel and the Palestinian movement "Hamas", which took effect at seven o'clock in the morning on Friday.Israeli army spokesman Avichai Adraee said, in a statement published in the morning on "IX" that "the war is not over yet, the suspension of fire for humanitarian purposes comes temporarily." For prisoners between the two sides.