Western allies' military support for Ukraine is at a very difficult stage, as most countries, with the exception of the United States, have already sent everything they could.

This opinion was expressed by a military expert, retired British Army Colonel Glen Grant on the air of the Espresso TV channel.

"Latvia has emptied its warehouses. Estonia and the Czech Republic did the same. Poland has given away a huge amount of equipment and is still waiting for the arrival of new ones," he said.

According to him, now there is an active rethinking of what to do next, where to invest money, how to buy, for example, ammunition. Maintaining Ukraine, Grant argues, is no longer so easy.

"We have reached the stage when Slovakia has already switched sides, and Hungary has shown that those who support the Ukraine very strongly just want to convey their position to others," he added.

On this occasion, Glent Grant noted the visits to Kyiv for several days by British Foreign Secretary Cameron, German Defense Minister Pistorius and Pentagon Chief Austin.
In his opinion, Ukraine needs to put its diplomacy in order and entrust this work to people of the appropriate level.

"The best experts in their field can influence the increase in support from different countries. Therefore, diplomacy is absolutely vital," the military expert concluded.

Background: Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico called the war between Ukraine and the Russian Federation a "frozen conflict". According to him, this "conflict" cannot be resolved by providing weapons to the Ukrainian army.