The official told US media, on condition of anonymity, that "the Malta-flagged ship is suspected of being targeted by a drone while in international waters," adding that "the drone is a Witness-136 and was carrying a triangle-shaped bomb." The official confirmed that "the plane exploded after colliding with the ship, causing damage to it without injuring any of its crew members." In the context, the channel "Al-Mayadeen" quoted sources as confirming the targeting of the Israeli ship in the Arabian Sea on Thursday night, last Friday, hours before the implementation of the truce in the Gaza Strip.The sources reported that the ship, which was targeted in the northern Indian Ocean, received a blow that led to the catching fire.The past period witnessed tensions in terms of the movement of ships in the waters and straits, In light of the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip.The Yemeni group "Ansar Allah" had earlier announced that it had detained an Israeli ship in the Red Sea, pointing out that it "will continue to carry out military operations against Israel until the aggression on the Strip stops." It was reached between Hamas and the Israeli government, at dawn last Wednesday, into force at seven o'clock in the morning on Friday, and will continue for 4 days.The agreement provides for the release of 3 Palestinian prisoners, women and children, in exchange for each Israeli prisoner. On Friday, Israel released 200 Palestinian prisoners, including 4 female prisoners, in exchange for the release of 39 Israeli women and children under a prisoner exchange agreement between the two sides mediated by Qatar and Egypt, and Hamas released 24 Thais and one Filipino outside the framework of the agreement. Saturday, October 13.