The Kyiv City Prosecutor's Office has launched proceedings over a massive drone attack on the capital with five victims.

A pre-trial investigation has been launched in criminal proceedings for violating the laws and customs of war (Part 1 of Article 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine), the prosecutor's office said.

According to the investigation, on November 25, 2023, the armed forces of the Russian Federation, in violation of the laws and customs of war, carried out an air attack with unmanned aerial vehicles in the center of Kyiv. The air-raid siren lasted more than six hours.

Debris fell in the Dnipro, Holosiiv, Pechersk and Solomyansky districts of the capital.

According to preliminary data, five people were injured, including an 11-year-old child. Two of them have cut wounds to their limbs, and three more have an acute reaction to stress. All victims were provided with medical assistance.

Civilian objects (including residential buildings and kindergartens), as well as cars of local residents were damaged.

Emergency services and investigative teams continue to work at the scene.

Recall that on the night of November 25, the Kyiv and the region were attacked by modernized Shaheds. The kamikaze drones were painted black so that they would not be visible in the night sky.

The occupiers began to launch black Shahed drones / Photo: Telegram/Andriy Tsaplienko

▶ On the TSN YouTube channel, you can watch the video "To make it harder to detect! Ihnat on the modernization of the Shahed drones that attacked the Kyiv at night."