Ezz El-Din pointed out that "the media must be based on neutrality and fairness, in line with its general principles, and today we see that the BBC turns the victim into the executioner, and turns the victim into a terrorist, and the killer into a human being who defends himself and this policy of "blinding public opinion." The failed media" or the media that bases its news stories on a specific narrative biased to it without looking for the truth, and what the "BBC" did is that it lost objectivity and professionalism and became a "yellow press" led by black rooms.The 8 journalists working for the "BBC" sent a letter to Al Jazeera English confirming that "the British body adopts double standards in dealing with the victims of the Israeli aggression against the Palestinians and the victims of the Russian-Ukrainian war," as stated in their letter verbatim. Their names for fear of punishment by the institution where they work "Thousands of Palestinians have been killed since October 7, how much does the number have to be for our editorial policy to change?" The journalists called on the BBC to rethink its policy, take into account the findings of official and impartial humanitarian organizations on the Israeli war on Gaza, and called on the BBC to "treat all civilians equally in its coverage." Last October, the BBC referred six of its Arab journalists to investigation after it considered it a tribute by them to the Al-Aqsa flood operation and later suspended them from work.