After the end of the ceasefire with Hamas, the Israeli military will immediately return to hostilities in the Gaza Strip.

This was reported by The Times of Israel.

IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Hertzi Halevi said the military would immediately return to carrying out strikes in the Gaza Strip as soon as the truce with Hamas ended.

Halevi, speaking to the military, noted that the ceasefire and the hostage release agreement would not have taken place without the IDF's pressure on Hamas.

"We do not intend to, do not want and are not ready to stop these efforts before we return all the hostages, it is our moral duty to return them," he said.

Halevi said the IDF would use the pause in the fighting to "learn, better prepare their abilities, and also rest a little."

"And immediately after the end of the truce, we will return to attacks on Gaza, to maneuvers in Gaza. We will do this in order to eliminate Hamas. And also in order to create a lot of pressure to return the hostages as soon as possible, every last one. We have an obligation to fight as well as risk our lives so that (Israeli citizens) can continue to live in safety," Halevi added.

Recall that at 7 am on December 24, a truce between Israel and Hamas came into force. It will last for four days.