The widow of a soldier from Ternopil region is expecting twins, but he never found out that he would become a father. From her first marriage, the woman had two sons, the eldest Nazar died in the war.

Svitlana Tleniuk told her story to Suspilne.

"It is incredible happiness, because the hearts of your beloved beat in you. I can't wait to take them in my arms, to be able to kiss them, to hug them. It keeps me going," the woman says.

Her husband never heard the news that he would soon become a father. Svitlana said that she found out about the pregnancy on the third day after her husband's funeral.

"I am very sorry that my husband never found out about the pregnancy. He wanted children from day one, but we couldn't. When he came on vacation, I offered him in vitro fertilization. It turned out that in one of the clinics in Ternopil there is a free program for the military," Svitlana said.

The couple lived together for two and a half years. All this time, they dreamed of having a child together. For both of them, it was their second marriage.

Svetlana and Bogdan Tlenyuk

From the first, 47-year-old Svetlana has two sons. In July last year, the eldest son Nazar died in the war. The youngest, Oleksii, is now 15.

15-year-old Oleksii near the photo of his deceased brother

Bohdan Tleniuk worked as a driver in civilian life. He took part in the Anti-Terrorist Operation. When the full-scale war with Russia began, he volunteered for the front. He served in the Donetsk region.

"He was a patriot with me. As soon as the invasion began, he immediately rushed to the military enlistment office. For several days, I tried to storm not just to go to some brigade of repairmen, because I only wanted to go to the front. That's how he got into the hands of sappers and became a sapper-grenade launcher. He constantly fought in that direction, near Bakhmut and Avdiivka," the wife of the fallen Hero recalls.

Fallen soldier Bohdan Tleniuk

Svitlana says that every time before going on a combat mission, her husband called. The last time I heard his voice was on July 4.

The woman learned how Bohdan died from his comrades-in-arms.

"The guys recaptured a very large area in the Avdiivka direction and when they returned, they picked up all the wounded. Then the drone started firing and he was hit right in the back. The wounded guy he was taking out of there was thrown 15 meters, and Bohdan was immediately sent to his death. I always carry the wedding ring with me, as a piece of his heart around me," the woman says.

In the house in the village of Stryivka in the Zbarazh region, where Bohdan was born, together with their parents, she set up a corner of memory.

"We are waiting for the birth of my babies. Such a treasure. It's hard without Bohdan, but I'll keep this treasure for him," says Svitlana.

Recall that a poignant video appeared on the Web of how the commander came from the Donetsk region to the grave of his deceased subordinate, grenade launcher operator Igor Yurasov. The video shows the commander kneeling, his body shaking from crying. "I was finally able to come to you," he says quietly.