The al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, wrote on its Telegram account that it had decided to "delay the release of the second batch of prisoners until the occupation complies with the terms of the agreement related to the entry of relief trucks into the northern Gaza Strip, and for not adhering to the agreed criteria for the release of prisoners."

Although preparations for the second batch seemed to be going well in the morning, things faltered in the evening.

For their part, Israeli sources confirmed that the second batch of the exchange deal is facing difficulties.

The newspaper "Israel Today" quoted an Israeli political source, confirming that there are difficulties in releasing the second batch of detainees.

In the same context, the agency quoted "AFP" Israeli officials "that the second batch of detainees in Gaza was not handed over to the International Red Cross."

Israeli sources said the exchange was delayed pending the completion of aid into the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian statements accusing Israel of manipulating the names of prisoners released under the terms of the deal were repeated.

They say Israel has ignored the principle of "seniority", which stipulates that women and children who have been in prison for longer periods are given priority for release.

They accuse Tel Aviv of releasing prisoners with only a brief sentence remaining.