After hours of delays, Hamas and Qatar say the truce deal is moving forward.

The IDF confirms that 17 freed hostages have crossed into Israeli territory.

This was reported by The Times of Israel.

The IDF said in a statement that the released hostages are now in Israel, accompanied by special forces after an initial medical examination.

"Our forces accompany the released hostages until they reach their families in hospitals," the statement said.

IDF footage shows the moment the released hostages entered Israeli territory a short while ago

— Emanuel (Mannie) Fabian (@manniefabian) November 25, 2023

"IDF commanders and its soldiers greet and hug returning hostages upon their return home," it continues.

"We will continue to cooperate with the defense authorities to return all hostages," the statement said.

Hamas continues to free Israeli hostages / Photo: The Times of Israel

The IDF also asks the public to "show patience and sensitivity and respect the privacy of the released hostages and their families."

Also, during the exchange of hostages, 7 foreigners were released.

At the same time, sources in Israel accused Hamas of violating the terms of the truce agreement by releasing the child without a mother.

12-year-old Gila Rotem has been released, but her mother, 54-year-old Raya Rotem, remains a hostage in Gaza.

Israeli sources say this discrepancy was one of the reasons for the stumbling block during the delays over the hostage exchange that occurred earlier today.

Earlier it was reported that Israel returned the first hostages to Hamas as part of the truce.

Recall that at 7 am on November 24, a truce between Israel and Hamas came into force. It will last 4 days.

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